Who we are
Bransgore Community First Responders are local unpaid volunteers trained and despatched by the ambulance service to attend serious medical emergencies, where life is at risk.

We attend calls in the local area, usually within an 8/10 minute drive from the village centre. (But we have been known to go much further when requested by the ambulance service).

That’s an area of about 20-25 square miles.

With the support of the community and grant awards Defra and the EU we have a clearly marked 4X4 vehicle, and a small response van.

Both vehicles are supported by local garages. We can also use our own cars, no blue lights, no sirens.

Being local we can still be “on scene” very quickly, and provide basic life support care in the time before the arrival of the trained ambulance service professionals.

What we do
We provide basic life support care until the arrival of the ambulance.

We carry oxygen and a defibrillator as well as other medical equipment.

We can be with a patient very quickly – providing emergency care in the crucial time before the ambulance arrives.

Contact us – Full details
You can contact us in a number of ways:

For general questions about our work and media enquiries – or to arrange talks, volunteer, make donations or discuss sponsorship contact:

Mike Jukes
Group Co-ordinator
07976 465 890

We also have a voicemail system if you would prefer us to call you back for any enquiry you may have.

Please leave your name, number and a brief message and we will call you back. 

To use the voicemail please call 08445 009 699
Our E-mail address for all enquiries is: enquiries@bransgorecommunityresponders.org.uk
Web: www.bransgorecommunityresponders.org.uk

Our postal address is:
c/o 32 Pear Tree Close
BH23 8NH

HeartStart Bransgore – New Forest
Would you know what to do in a life-threatening emergency?

Our Community First Responders know that some simple skills can help keep someone alive until the arrival of the ambulance professionals.

For that reason some of us have got together and formed our own Heartstart Scheme.

It is separate to the Responders Group but complements what we do.

We can offer you and your friends, or your group or club a FREE two and a half hour course and in that time teach you the basic skills you would need to save a life.

If someone is unconscious or has stopped breathing, is in cardiac arrest or having a heart attack, or is choking or has severe bleeding, we can show you what to do to keep them alive for those precious few minutes until help arrives.

You do NOT have to be an expert and it could be someone in your family that you save.

Simple skills that save lives.


Click on the Contact Details link from this page.

We provide the training at no charge but are permitted to accept any donations you may care to consider.

Heartstart UK is an initiative co-ordinated by the British Heart Foundation to teach members of the public what to do in a life-threatening emergency: simple skills that can save lives.

Our formal launch was on 19th September 2008 and training sessions are now available locally, usually on one Saturday morning each month, but evenings are possible if you have enough persons wishing to do the training.

HeartStart Bransgore – New Forest
For more information, or to book a training session contact us via our voicemail on:

0844 500 9699

We will then get back to you so don’t forget to leave a number

For enquiries in respect of donations, support, sponsorship or media enquiries, contact:

Mike Jukes
Scheme Co-ordinator
07976 465890

Our E-mail address for all enquiries is: heartstart@bransgorecommunityresponders.org.uk

Our postal address is:
c/o 32 Pear Tree Close
BH23 8NH