Scam Alert

UKASH Payment Fraud

We are seeing a number of scams where UKASH vouchers have been requested by the criminal as a payment method.

There are many UKASH voucher retailers in Hampshire and they can be commonly bought in local convenience stores or newsagents.

The criminal “cold calls” the victim by phone claiming to be from the Council, HMRC, a bank, lottery or other organisation.

•  The victim is told that they are owed some money due to a tax rebate or as the
result of winning a prize.

•  The criminal states that they need the victim to pay an upfront fee in order for the funds to be dispatched.

The victim is told that this needs to be paid by UKASH voucher.

The victim is told where their nearest UKASH outlet is.

•  The victim buys a UKASH voucher which has a unique number printed on it.

•  The scammer calls the victim back and obtains the code printed on the UKASH voucher.

The value of voucher is then credited to the scammer’s own UKASH account.

An elderly couple on Hayling Island were telephoned in their home by an unknown cold caller.

They were told they had won a prize and were asked to go to the supermarket and purchase UKASH vouchers to the value of £150.

When they called the company with the UKASH code they were told that their winnings would be delivered by motorcycle courier.

The elderly couple were left very distressed when they realised they had been duped.

If you think you have been a victim of a similar scam please contact Citizens Advice help line 0845 54 04 05 06

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